Cryptocurrency: will Bitcoin reach $1 million in 2025?

Cryptocurrency: will Bitcoin reach $1 million in 2025?

Bitcoin has maintained a long-term upward trend and may well continue to make new highs.

This time, the prediction imagines Bitcoin at $1 million in 2025. Can we imagine a rise of 9,000% in 5 years?

Bitcoin to 7 digits by 2025

Bitcoin, to date, has not crossed the $12,000 threshold. However, a billionaire said that this cryptocurrency could indeed reach 1 million dollars within 5 years. The latest report predicted a more likely trend for Bitcoin to hit $100,000 in 2025.

Compared to the price of Bitcoin today, the leverage effect would have to be considered to achieve such a feat with an increase of up to 9,000% in 5 years. The billionaire said that the performance of this virtual currency could even exceed that of gold. Thanks to the influx of investment in the market, Bitcoin could reach one million within 5 years according to him. He explained that the interest of institutional investors is real and that, on the other hand, the current infrastructure cannot absorb this influx of liquidities. Institutional investing could see a massive shift in 2020.

Bitcoin price: the law of supply and demand

Bitcoin is a virtual currency and therefore has value. However, it is different from traditional currencies and does not have an official value. Indeed, the value of this currency is determined by the law of supply and demand. It is for this reason that its course varies greatly over time. There are a large number of Bitcoin circulating in the financial market and when the demand is high, the price increases. On the contrary, if the demand falls, the value or the price also falls.

The Bitcoin price is simply an indicator that gives an average price, usually in dollars, on all cryptocurrency platforms around the world. As of October 1, 2020, the price of Bitcoin stood at 9,186 euros.

How can you buy Bitcoin?

The upward trend of Bitcoin explains the evolution of means of payment to obtain it. The historical way to obtain Bitcoin is the transfer on specialized platforms. This is the historical model of payment for virtual currency and remains the most used to buy virtual currency.

It is also possible to buy Bitcoin with a bank card, which is an increasingly used payment method and even the most popular in the world since it is ultra-secure. This means of payment is very fast and it is especially recommended for small volumes. The security of the settlement is optimal and therefore these transactions are favored. 3D Secure technology optimizes the measures taken to fight against credit card fraud and therefore the use is appreciated for the purchase of Bitcoin.

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