Etoro: a practical application for trading cryptocurrencies

Etoro: a practical application for trading cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies with bitcoin in mind have an interesting market since they do not react to the same factors as other assets. It is therefore a great way to diversify your portfolio. Getting to know different rules for estimating price changes will be exciting. The Etoro application will allow you to look into these possibilities.

An application to seize every opportunity

Allowing traders to always monitor cryptocurrencies closely is one of the advantages offered by Etoro. Available on Android, it only takes a few seconds to download the application and create an account. From this moment, the trader will be able to consult the markets immediately. Cryptocurrencies are clearly identifiable with Bitcoin, Ethereum and even NEO recently. Benefiting from a bonus for registration on Etoro will be an additional argument that will make you want to explore this application.

Such ease of use is a real plus to be able to know immediately if a cryptocurrency is worth an investment. A color code is indeed applied so that traders can know when to seize an opportunity. When green is showing, it’s time to open an upside position. If, on the contrary, the cryptocurrency is displayed in red, a bet on the fall in the price can make it possible to make profits.

An overview at a glance

Etoro appThis very well-designed application allows you to know the percentage increase or decrease of a cryptocurrency since the opening of the market. At any time the trader can estimate that it is significant enough to decide to position himself. He will be able to place a bet to be able to reap profits thanks to this asset. The Etoro bonus offered for any registration will convince you to use this broker to take a closer look at cryptocurrencies.

The values ​​displayed under the cryptocurrency logo indicate at what level the purchase or sale is taking place. This is an important benchmark for the trader who will know if he can hold a position. An investor who consults the markets every day or at least regularly will be able to know immediately where the price of his cryptocurrency is. This will be important data to estimate if a trade can be considered or if it is better to wait for better conditions.

Tools for successful trading

This application has many surprises in store because beyond the Etoro bonus, the detail concerning a cryptocurrency allows you to know everything before trading. Just click on bitcoin or Ethereum for details. The display of the current price makes it possible to know where the cryptocurrency is located. To the right of its value, the rate of rise or fall is clearly indicated to allow traders to make a quick decision. The invest button present in this application will then allow them to place their bet in a few seconds.

On the cryptocurrency sheet, an overview is available with the value at the last market close. Variations over a given period can also be consulted, as can the return over one year. This information is valuable for knowing the potential of a cryptocurrency and deciding to follow it. Graphs showing behavior over a month, six months or more will complete this overview.

Another category on the detail of the cryptocurrency allows to have access to the variations of the course over one day. Charts are a precision tool to accurately study an asset. Being able to access it from its application is really an advantage. It will allow you to know how the cryptocurrency will behave and to be ready to trade. Regular consultation of these graphs will allow you to refine your analysis.

Take advantage of social trading

The main feature of Etoro is to allow to follow or copy the best traders. This type of social trading is a good way to improve your results and progress by understanding the decision of the chosen traders. By clicking on a particular cryptocurrency, the trader will have access to the comments of other investors interested in this asset. This way, he will be able to know their impressions of an asset in a day and see if they consider it a good time to bet. This first contact with other traders will draw attention to certain profiles that can be explored more closely.

Just click on the name of the trader who has aroused interest to access his detailed profile. The main comments as well as the main assets followed then appear. The performance of this trader can be viewed over a given period. This is a way of knowing its potential in relation to a particular asset. Risk markers are valuable data. If the profile looks interesting, just click copy. The positions will thus be perfectly copied to be able to have the same results.

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