Fastest growing industries in 2022

Fastest growing industries in 2022

1. Computer system design and related services

Computer system design and related services

Computer, peripheral, and other electronic equipment manufacturing

Computer systems design, installation and related services

Data processing, hosting and related services

2. Management, scientific, and technical consulting services

Consulting is a service. It’s a business. It’s a profession. Consulting is also a group of professionals who provide advice and guidance to other professionals, as well as businesses.

Consulting firms provide services in many different industries, including accounting and finance; marketing; engineering; technology; human resources; product development and management support; architecture/engineering/construction (AEC); legal services for companies or individuals facing lawsuits or criminal charges related to work performance issues that may result from employer negligence if not caught early enough before being reported publicly through media outlets like newspapers or TV news shows like 60 Minutes which could lead directly back towards the client company itself since most people watching these shows would suspect something fishy must have happened somewhere along the lines since they would know firsthand how hard it was working with their own bosses before getting fired after only three months on their job!

3. Local trucking without storage (trucking companies)

As the e-commerce industry continues to grow, so does the demand for trucking. In fact, according to the American Trucking Association (ATA), there were nearly 2 million professional truck drivers in 2018 — that’s a 10% increase from 2015!

The sharing economy is also fueling growth in this industry. As more people turn to ride-sharing apps like Uber or Lyft instead of owning their own vehicles, they’re giving up on private cars and going with public transportation methods instead. This means more business for local trucking companies!

4. General medical and surgical hospitals

A general medical and surgical hospital provides a full range of medical services, from emergency care to surgery. These hospitals are also known as acute-care hospitals or acute-care facilities.

General medical and surgical hospitals can be found in both urban and rural areas throughout the world. They are usually located near an area’s largest population center, but may also be situated close to smaller communities that don’t have their own primary health care centers.

The main services provided by this type of facility include emergency room visits; physical examinations; laboratory testing; radiology procedures (such as X-rays); surgeries or other invasive procedures performed in operating rooms or intensive care units (ICUs); obstetrics (deliveries) when necessary; mental health counseling if needed; prescription medications dispensed through pharmacies on site ; etcetera_. The future prospects for these facilities look promising because they offer such essential services at reasonable prices while still remaining affordable for most people needing help with their health issues._

5. Wired telecommunications carriers (cable companies)

Wired telecommunications carriers, or cable companies, are the fastest-growing industry in 2022. As the internet and entertainment become more intertwined, people are relying on cable companies even more than ever before. Now that all types of content can be accessed from anywhere—whether it’s a game console, laptop or phone—there’s an increasing demand for reliable connections to deliver those services.

This need has translated into growth for these providers: 1) they’re expanding their reach through rural areas; 2) they’re growing in urban areas; 3) they’re growing in suburban areas; 4) they’re growing in exurban areas and 5) many large cities now have only one provider rather than two or three competing brands as was common just ten years ago.

6. Software publishers

Software publishers are companies that develop and sell software. The report states that the fastest growing industries in 2022 will be software publishers, which is expected to grow by 9% annually. This is faster than the average growth rate of all industries, which is 5%. Software publishers are also expected to grow faster than even the fastest growing industry—cloud computing services providers (12%).

7. Traveler accommodation (hotels)

If you’re looking to travel, hotels are a great option. They can be expensive, but they’ll also give you an experience that’s hard to replicate anywhere else. There are so many different types of hotels and amenities available depending on what kind of traveler you are! You can get a room in an urban location with lots of restaurants nearby or stay out in the country on acres of land with horses running around your feet. You could even rent out the whole hotel for yourself if there aren’t any other guests staying there when you want it—but beware: this will likely cost more than $100 per night (unless it’s off season).

8. Professional, scientific, and technical services

Professional, scientific and technical services include things like engineering, computer and information technology, mathematics or statistics. The industry is growing quickly because it offers a wide variety of career options that are in demand across the country.

  • Sub-sectors: Hiring in this category is expected to rise by 15.7% over the next seven years.* Countries: The U.S., China and India will be home to the most opportunity for professionals looking for work.* Cities: San Francisco-Oakland; Seattle; New York City; Los Angeles; Chicago

9. Outpatient care centers

The aging population is the fastest growing segment of the population, and outpatient care centers are growing because of it. These centers focus on outpatient services such as physical, speech and occupational therapy, as well as diagnostic imaging services like MRI scans and CT scans.

They offer convenience because they do not require overnight stays, unlike hospitals which usually require patients to stay overnight for monitoring purposes.

10. Animal food manufacturing (pet food)

If you’re looking for a career in an industry that isn’t going anywhere any time soon, consider animal food manufacturing. Pet food is a huge market and one that’s growing rapidly. In the United States alone, pet food sales reached $50 billion in 2016, with an estimated growth rate of 4% per year. Globally, sales are expected to reach $100 billion by 2022—and even higher if China and India continue their rapid expansion as they have been doing in recent years.

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