Top 5 crypto-currencies created in favor of sustainable development

Top 5 crypto-currencies created in favor of sustainable development

Bitcoin was a pioneering element in the democratization of crypto -currencies and, since its rise, we have seen the appearance of many crypto currencies.

Did you know that there are many other cryptocurrencies that intend to promote ecology in their use? Here is a small top 5 of green crypto-currencies with which you can support ecological and solidarity projects .

What is a cryptocurrency?

A cryptocurrency is an alternative currency that does not have a physical form and is entirely virtual. It is exchanged directly from peer to peer without the intermediary of a bank or other controlling institution.

Blockchain originally rules cryptocurrencies

The blockchain is a reputedly inviolable code that makes it possible to keep track of money. Each link in the chain depends on the code of the previous link to be able to be transmitted. All the links in the chain are therefore unique, preventing any attempt at falsification. It is this high level of security as well as its decentralized nature that are the strength of this new technology.

What ethical crypto-currencies for people and the planet?

There are cryptocurrencies for everything! Here is a brief overview of crypto-currencies whose existence goes hand in hand with ecological or ethical considerations.

Solar Corner

An American initiative which aims to promote the production of solar energy and obtain the means to finance energy transition projects . For each MWh produced, both producers and individuals will receive a SolarCoin on their virtual wallet .

The Ecocoin

This currency rewards the user for the good deeds carried out in terms of sustainable development . Each time your actions are favorable for the environment, you can claim to obtain Ecocoins, if your action can be proven by one of the partners of the currency (I shop in an organic store which will prove that my habits of consumption are responsible, with the Ecocoin).

Plastic Bank

Reducing plastic pollution in the oceans by putting a price on plastic waste is the mission assigned to the PlasticBank. The currency has a plastic waste recovery rate higher than that of the market, thus promoting collection for recycling and encouraging local authorities to better take sorting into account in their policy. It also finances recycling plants in countries that do not have the means to build them.


Blockchain technology is essential for issuing cryptocurrency. Only this requires a lot of energy because it forces a computer to perform many calculations. The peercoin uses the “ proof of stake ” which makes it possible to avoid the centralization of the calculations on the same computer and distributes them to all the users of the currency. This technique wants to reduce the energy impact that the currency needs for its operation. In exchange, users earn 1% interest to thank them for contributing to the growth of Peercoin.

Fair Coin

The FairCoin brings together all the notions of sustainable development around the same currency. Indeed, the company FairCoop wants a better distribution of wealth and improve the social bonding factors thanks to FairCoin, while limiting the energy impact generated by the creation of this currency.

Thanks to crypto-currencies, it becomes easy to support ethical projects for people and the planet! Do you own crypto-currencies and in what case do you use them?

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