Why integrate blockchain and AI?

Why integrate blockchain and AI?

Blockchain and artificial intelligence are two of the hottest technology trends right now. Although they are two radically different trends, researchers are actively discussing the benefits of combining these two technologies. The result of this symbiosis could, in a good way, transform many areas beyond recognition. Managing the huge amount of data that every business and organization faces today would become much easier.

AI is a term that refers to the theory and practice of creating robots (machines) capable of performing tasks that require intelligence. Today, the term refers to 3 areas: machine learning, deep learning, and artificial neural networks.

Blockchain is an innovative digital information storage system in which data is stored in a distributed, encrypted ledger format. Since the data is encrypted and spread over multiple computers, it is possible to create tamper-proof and highly secure databases that can only be read and updated by those authorized to do so.

Sylwia has done its best to combine these two innovative niches in its operations. About a month ago, the British startup specializing in artificial intelligence announced the completion of a blockchain ecosystem. The testing phase is now gaining momentum, with data analysis, bug fixes, and the addition of small missing details. Once all necessary testing has been completed, SYPWAI will be ready to announce the launch.

Technological advantages

As organizations already using blockchain store increasingly complex sets of critical data in their distributed ledgers, there will be a growing need for the smarter analytics that AI can provide.

What businesses will gain by embracing AI and blockchain now:

Artificial intelligence, which can interact extensively with large amounts of data, and blockchain, which can provide a high level of security, together make an ideal combination for managing large databases. For example, medical and financial data are very sensitive, it is difficult to entrust them to a particular company and be sure that they are protected. Blockchain will easily protect such important data, and artificial intelligence will process it smartly and quickly. Spyware also suggests using this data to make more accurate recommendations to users.

Another innovation that can be achieved by combining these two technologies is secure data monetization. Giants like Facebook and Google are already saying thanks to Sypwai, even though the startup has only announced the final stage of trials of the combined use of blockchain and artificial intelligence. The monetization of collected data is a huge source of revenue for large companies.

As AI algorithms get smarter through learning, it will be much harder for data scientists to understand how these programs arrived at specific conclusions and decisions. AI algorithms can process incredibly large amounts of data and variables. Still, people should keep checking the conclusions drawn by the AI ​​to make sure they are correct. And given the amount of data that can be considered by AI, this task can be daunting for humans. Sylwia assures that recording the decision-making process using blockchain could be a step towards achieving a level of transparency and understanding for robots.

Innovate for the future

The combination of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence is still a direction that still hides many unresolved issues. Nevertheless, most scientific attention is focused on this area, because progress in this direction can significantly improve our lives.

SYPWAI scientists and developers have taken care to closely integrate blockchain into their activities dedicated to artificial intelligence. The startup team believes that an innovative future is not far away, and very soon we will all be able to fully experience its benefits.

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