7 tips to boost your Instagram account

7 tips to boost your Instagram account

Instagram has become an indispensable social network for companies that want to attract new customers on the web. To get the most out of this platform, there are infallible tips that need to be implemented. While there are a plethora of them, the following methods are the tried and tested ones.

Promote your account on other social networks

Most users of the Instagram social network are also present on other social networks. Going to conquer other social networks when you have an Instagram account is a good idea. This way, you have different media to convey your information and reach your targets.

For this technique to work optimally, it is recommended that you link your Instagram account to the one you have on other platforms. In this way, you will be able to broadcast your information on all your networks simultaneously and increase the number of your Instagram followers.

Use hashtags to gain followers

Hashtags are effective weapons to gain real and active followers on your Instagram account. Some are, others are foreigners, the main thing is that your community is growing gradually. This technique is used to indicate the relevance of content.

However, it is important to always check the meaning of your hashtags before posting them. Before posting a hashtag, there are a few inspirational points to consider. For example, remember to check how your competitors are doing it or consult publications that deal with the same subject. Then, remember to vary them over your publications.

Post content regularly

This is the basis for getting subscribers and boosting your Instagram account. Posting jobs with regularity allows you to obtain a well-stocked account in order to reach a significant number of Internet users. The more you post, the more you increase your chance of attracting a larger audience.

To achieve this, it is recommended to establish an editorial calendar. The latter helps you to visualize in advance the content you are going to publish.

Make live videos on your account

Organizing lives or live video performances on your account is effective in making you more visible on the network and increasing your audience or your Instagram followers.

To give interest to your life, it is advisable to invite inspiring personalities like an influencer. An interview with a popular personality is a very useful technique to introduce you to your guest’s subscribers and thus increase your visibility.

Post stories regularly

Stories are useful for increasing the visibility of your Instagram account. You can publish one every month to show that you are present on the platform. Your story can be a video, a sound, images… you are free to define it.

Instagram story posting is an opportunity for you to interact with your community. For example, you can ask them questions or conduct surveys. Instagram’s features allow you to better know your community as well as your potential customers and prospects.

Whatever the nature of your stories, they must remain authentic. Use well-crafted stories for your photo gallery. This content format is primarily designed to create direct and spontaneous interactions without any editing. It’s also a way to demonstrate the human side of your business through exclusive images of your lifestyle in your work environment.

Use captivating captions

Even if your content is interesting and engaging, if your captions aren’t captivating, you can lose potential subscribers. Also, it is important to take care of each of your captions, to encourage Internet users to click on your publications and linger on your stories. Quality captions personify your brand image.

This technique encourages subscribers to share your content to increase and boost your visibility. This tip, therefore, helps you to extend your notoriety. The quality of your caption is also significant in encouraging the engagement of your subscribers. For example, you can allow your audience to give their opinions on your publications through a space dedicated to comments or emoticons.

Run contests

This is one of the tips you should not forget when you want to boost your Instagram account. This method helps you expand the reach of your brand and generates platform user engagement with your business. It consists of setting up a contest that encourages your users to follow your account. This measure will encourage them to follow your posts and like them while interacting with you.

This trick can also integrate content from users who participate in your contest. For example, you can ask them to post your ad using hashtags that encourage people to follow your account.

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