The best fast chargers for Android, iPhone and laptops

The best fast chargers for Android, iPhone and laptops

Almost all the devices that we take with us everywhere, having a GSM amplifier, have a rechargeable battery: the phone, the tablet, the wireless earphones and the laptop are probably our main priorities when it comes to high technology. But with four or more such items, the battery charger issue can get complicated. Fortunately, many people share the same standard (USB-C), while others benefit from speeds that can recharge in a few hours or so because our gadgets discharge quite quickly since we have the possibility of being connected everywhere having a 4G signal amplifier. But to benefit from it, you need gadgets capable of transmitting this power safely and with a high level of optimization, to avoid problems with the devices themselves.

The new fast chargers are safe, cheap and up to three times faster to charge than the old ones that many people still have in their purses or at home. Some commonalities with Amazon’s best-selling models include the presence of a new material called gallium nitride (or GaN), which allows high-power adapters to be made in much smaller sizes. As a result, these adapters typically provide 60 watts of output power or more, in the same range as 65W battery chargers, the (or near) standard (so powerful!) laptops.

Port d’Anker Power 6

If you have a network amplifier and you work even outside in rest, you need to charge several devices at the same time, the Anker six-port 60-watt charger is the best solution. Rather than featuring a brick-style design, it connects to a power outlet via a very long, detachable power cord. Plus, PowerPort 6 is backed by an 18-month warranty. For those who need even more ports, there is the 10-input version, which is really extreme.

RAVPower 60 W

An impressive 60 watts of power, so powerful that you can charge 6 tablets or 6 smartphones together at the maximum charging speed. It features a smart charging system, with each USB port equipped with iSmart technology for faster and more efficient charging. Compatibility is also universal, with an input current of 100v to 240v and a compact size, ideal for travel if you also have a GSM amplifier. Very safe charging, overcharge, overheat and short circuit protection. The design is original, with LEDs to monitor charging status and a handy silicone anti-slip strip to prevent the charger from moving.

Apple 18 W

If you’re worried about using a third-party charger with your smartphone or tablet, know that Apple, among others, has finally started selling its own USB-C power supply. Previously, the only official option was to buy one of the more expensive USB-C adapters for Macs. This inexpensive charger, which is already in the packaging of the latest iPad Pro, can be purchased separately. It is of course also very good for Android users thanks to the 45 watt USB-C port.

Sanho HyperJuice

Although this HyperJuice wall charger is a bit expensive, it is probably one of the most powerful on the market. It is also the smallest 100 watt charger in the world. It is not only equipped with two USB-A ports, but also two USB-C ports, which means that it offers the possibility of fast charging a laptop, a tablet, a smartphone and headphones. The charger is equipped with collapsible poles and safety protection against overcurrent, overvoltage, overheating and short circuit. If the price does not influence the choice, it is worth it and will surely become the most portable and versatile charger on the market.

Spigen SteadiBoost

It features Power Delivery 3.0 technology, USB Type-C power delivery, applied for fast charging of compatible mobile phones and tablets. Thanks to the EZ Grip, it allows an easy, always safe and secure connection. The dimensions are minimal, for maximum portability, and perfect compatibility with many models, such as Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, iPhone. Very fast charging, supporting from 18W to 27W with the use of the USB-C to Lightning cable for iPhone and iPad.

So with a good choice of a charger and with a GSM amplifier, you will have the possibility of staying connected everywhere and at all times.

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