HP Prodesk: discover the compact ProDesk desktop PC series from HP

HP Prodesk: discover the compact ProDesk desktop PC series from HP

Hewlett Packard is one of the most present brands on the computer market, whether for the professional environment or for personal computers. Discover HP quality in an ultra-compact and powerful PC with the new range of Hp Prodesk PCs. This range offers the possibility of providing a minimalist workspace while combining power and speed for all your daily digital tasks.

Compact range for professionals

The HP ProDesk range is ideal for professionals who wish to equip themselves with compact, high-performance machines. Their size, designed to adapt to the modern workspace, brings a small footprint and simplified logistics within a company. This design makes it possible to keep a spacious and uncluttered environment while being elegant. Several sizes and finishes are available depending on the model. For an optimal workstation, HP peripherals will harmonize perfectly with the Hp ProDesk range.

Scalable and quality performance

Despite its small size, these compact computers are nonetheless powerful and reliable. PCs in the Hp ProDesk range have been subjected to 120,000-hour tests which guarantee excellent quality and longevity as part of the HP Total Test Process.

This range offers a wide choice of compatible models according to all budgets and all business needs.

HP PCs are designed to deliver scalable performance that grows with businesses. All models have Windows 11 or 10 Pro (recommended for businesses) and are equipped with an SSD (up to 512 GB) for ideal execution speed and can have up to 64 GB of DDR4 memory . The diversity of processors ranges from the latest generation Intel Core i3 range to Core i9s, AMD Ryzen 5 processors are also offered.

Most of these models have a maximum capacity of 3 monitors allowing you to create a workstation according to your needs.

The new HP cooling technology guarantees an even longer lifespan with the possibility of adding an optional filter limiting the penetration of particles suspended in the air and therefore suitable for the most difficult environments.

The HP ProDesk range benefits from the HP Manageability integration Kit module which increases computer performance by accelerating the creation of images, hardware management, BIOS and security.

An investment that is all the more profitable since it is offered with the possibility of additional addition of an M2 SDD and WLAN, which allows a longer lifespan and increases the scalability of the computer.

Exclusive HP-branded options

The HP brand offers several options to secure your sensitive and corporate data. HP Sure Sense is an antivirus developed by HP and based on artificial intelligence to ensure effective protection against malware. It is also possible to strengthen the protection of the computer on each workstation thanks to HP Sure Click acting against threats such as websites, read-only attachments, malware, etc.

The supplied software Hp Client Security Manager 5th generation also offers an interface allowing the management of passwords as well as the modification of the configuration affecting the security of the computer.

HP BIOSphere technology ensures high productivity by reducing downtime with firmware-level automation. It also protects the computer by keeping the software up to date and performing automatic security checks.

Enjoy guaranteed fluidity and speed to perform all your professional and daily tasks. Thanks to a high-performance computer, give yourself a break, browse and take advantage of a moment of relaxation to listen to the radio on the internet.

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